With Love, From Italy

We were impressed by Kim’s capacity to understand our aesthetic, even before we met

We currently live in Italy and our challenge was to furnish a loft in Asheville with the bare essentials from a distance. The fact that k2 studio is a block from our downtown property was ideal, but our impression was purely from the website. Reading about the k2 CREW, the thing that caught our attention was Kim’s description as a “pioneer of architectural preservation.” We knew she would respect the beauty of our space and keep the view as the focal point.

We first contacted Kim in January 2014. Our timeline was 6 months and our list was short, even though the pieces were big. Notwithstanding the fact that we had never met face-to-face, we got to know Kim easily through frequent emails and occasional phone calls. She was always reacRigamonti Family Welcomehable and her support was extraordinary. She visited our loft, took measurements, sent layouts, snapped photos, and frankly discussed her concerns about certain “obstacles” (i.e., choosing the right covering for a wall of windows, and fitting a sofa-bed into our living space that has a column right in the middle).

We love Kim’s motto “collected, not decorated” and the fact that k2 features unique furniture, hand-made in North Carolina by local craftsmen and artists. The first piece she suggested was a walnut and steel dining table custom-made by a local artisan. Our loft has wood floors and ceilings, so Kim took different samples of table wood to our loft and sent photos so we could choose the finish we liked best. She did the same with dining chairs, which were of a completely different wood. The result was definitely “collected” and perfect for our space!

From that point on, we completely trusted her judgment, relying on her cool eye for design. She helped us choose counterstools, beds, and leather chairs (including sending leather/fabric samples to Italy). She also sent us a drawing of a custom-made desk for our son’s room, an original piece that will last forever.

When we arrived in Asheville and opened the door, we were ecstatic to find our spaced furnished exactly the way we had hoped…and slightly amazed we didn’t make any mistakes! With Kim’s astute, meticulous care, every piece fit beautifully. Finally, we had the pleasure of visiting k2 studio and meeting Kim, who is lovely, as well as some of her wonderful, supportive staff. We are very happy to continue working with Kim. She’s presently designing our balcony and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with…

The Rigamonti Family

Milan, Italy and Asheville, NC

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