k2 Studio offers eclectic furniture designs from local areas.

Our staff believes in supporting local businesses and community involvement. Our hand-made paper flowers are reflections of each of us, and represent something we created together to share. We each have different fortes and can offer knowledgeable advice, wherever your interest lies.

Kim Hubbard

“Kress was used as a bomb shelter, then they wanted to tear it down. I feel passionately about taking things that already exist and bringing out the beauty they possess. That’s why Asheville remains home for me—it’s a small space with much to observe. I learned to develop that shrewd eye during the reconstruction; to say, ‘It’s here. It’s beautiful. Let’s do something with it.’” Owner of K2 Studio and native to Asheville, Kim is not only a pioneer of architectural preservation in the area, but her kids Rod and Emma were also raised here. Gardening is another source of inspiration for Kim, who is the green thumb of the group.

Wendy Morrison

Wendy is new to the crew but has called Asheville home for over 20 years. “I learned a lot from four years in corporate furniture sales, but the opportunity to work in an Asheville-based, owner-operated business where creativity and customer service go hand in hand – well that is where my heart is.” Wendy enjoys one-on-one time with clients; marketing and blogging; and curating the eclectic inventory that makes the studio such a unique shopping experience. Her background in writing and passion for interior design have made her a good fit at K2. Wendy lives in rescued bungalow on the west side of town where she and her family “can walk to everything!”

Michelle Nelson

With 25 years’ experience in decorating and design, K2’s display guru Michelle bolsters the beauty one space at a time. “It’s about bringing in all that I’ve learned to help evolve K2. I mean, ‘why have water and bread when you could so easily have tea and toast?’” Michelle also stays busy creating flower arrangements for weddings and serving wine near the Grove Arcade. She indulges in ice cream, champagne cocktails, and good books when she has free time.