K2 Holiday Theme – Asheville Unchained

Unchain windowYou may have heard of the local movement “Unchain Asheville” – and if you haven’t, please read on.  But last month, when local business owners contacted K2’s Kim Hubbard about their campaign to inform customers of the power of their buying dollars, she enthusiastically joined the fight.

So what is “Unchain” about?

Well, when large scale chains open new stores in small towns, that raises rental rates for everyone, including the existing small-town shops and businesses staffed almost exclusively by local residents.

Chain store profits don’t stay in the community but travel up their corporate ladders.  Chain payscales often deny their workers a living wage and their franchised presence waters down the uniquely vibrant character that has made cities like Asheville such a destination for visitors and citizens too.

Still, it’s a trend we’re seeing right here on Lexington.

Unchained angel


With word of chains on the hunt for downtown real estate, a handful of Asheville’s original entrepreneurs banded together this Fall to share their stories and to encourage both tourists and locals to purchase and spend mindfully.

And no surprise, in a departure from the standard holiday fare, K2 has staged its windows with garlands of black chains, and winged metal sculptures breaking free of them.  Rarely orthodox  with our thematic displays, this season’s window is dominated by our very own “Unchained Angel…”

…Look Homeward indeed!

Once inside our doors you’ll encounter part two of our message.  On the feature wall of the entry, K2 has mounted a floating, 3-D celebration of the Asheville we adore, an homage to the architecture and the flavor of our one-of-a-kind community. Out from behind the counter for a change, artist Wendy Morrison calls the pop-up mural she has constructed a “love letter” to her hometown.


Day Wall 4Please drop in for a little holiday magic, and share your hard-earned dollars with a store that has served Asheville for over 20 years.  And while you’re in town, pick out some holiday foot fashion at Tops, get your hair styled locally at Adorn or enjoy a local massage at Spa Theology.  Savor a meal at one of our local eateries, drink a local beer, or laugh away your cares on that local purple bus.  Your support will return three times as much money to the community, will add more local jobs to the economy, will insure you better customer service and higher quality merchandise, will grow income rates and reduce urban crime.

What better way to give thanks for our mountain paradise? Happy Thanksgiving, Asheville.  We owe you props for all our big-time, small-town success.

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