Bo-Ho Trunk Show at K2

If you follow oButterfly under glassur blog, you’ve already read a little about Jenny Ellis, chair whisperer.  Jenny first brought her inspired creations to K2 about 6 months ago, and she was an immediate hit, showing and selling chairs of all sizes and personalities.

Yes – personalities!

From her beginnings as a high fashion clothing designer to her career stint at the High Point Furniture Market, Jenny schooled her eyes and challenged her hands to rescue and re-imagine furniture orphans and road-side finds that now claim Nestslicked backsexy legsBound uppride of place in her line-up.

Jenny waxes poetic about the art of turning discarded, broken and wooden “blank canvases” into the fresh-faced collection she will exhibit at K2 starting Saturday, May 30th.  When you come enjoy her trunk-show treasures, look for the unique silhouettes and hand carved woodwork that Jenny prizes in her rescue work,

“These old chairs carry silent histories with whispers of elegance and grace (or sometimes NOT!)”

Whether she starts with grace or imbues a basically functional frame with her signature brand of whimsy and panache, Jenny has fully embraced the mission of repurposing discarded potential, a green approach that speaks to our Asheville community as much as her creativity does.


Come see the work of Jenny’s hands and heart, featured as part of K2’s new seasonal theme, “Bohemian Rhapsody” – or as Kim laughingly has dubbed it, the “Hippie-Harem-Mom-Cave-Bizarre-Bazaar.”



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