Texture is the New Neutral

texture series 1texture 3Texture 12You can’t walk by a home-magazine stand without seeing the “newest trends” in design and decor. If you lived through the 1980’s, you’ll remember the cabbage rose prints and a reliance on burgundy, navy blue and forest green – preferably accented with preppy duck or golfing motifs! Since then we’ve weathered the sage greens, the sea-foam blues, espresso browns, and most recently a flurry of all-things-gray. Before the next must-have paint chip comes along, why not shift focus away from a visual dependence on the color wheel and instead embrace your sense of touch?

It can start with a simple monochromatic scheme – where the colors used are all in the same family. This time of year, think winter woodland. What will make this space compelling and comfy is a careful attention to texture. Ground the room with dramatic tone-on-tone wood-grains, cork tiles, or woven mats and pebble-textured rugs. Add a furry throw that just begs to be cuddled, or a pillow with the chunky weave of a cable-knit sweater. Accent with slick reflective surfaces like mirror, metal and glass. Find ways to add in natural elements that have simple, sculptural grace – like a live-edge side table with bark still intact, or a collection of river rocks in a burnished bowl. The whole room should whisper “touch, sit, stay a while.” We see this nature-inspired aesthetic at work in high-end spas and casually elegant hotel reception areas – places of relaxation and luxury – and you can put it to work in your own everyday spaces.

Our Asheville studio is full of touchable treasures – nubby wool kilim and rough gnarly pine, raw welded steel and hand-blown glass, snugly velvet and vintage lace – hundreds of tangible, tactile treats. As the temperatures drop, please stop by and let us help you feather your nest. After all, we’re K2…”natural, timeless, true.”

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