A Bee-autiful Calling

Described in turn as a Master Beekeeper, a beekeeping educator, an activist, a speaker, a mentor and writer, Debra Roberts first discovered her passion for bees when she was ill with cancer. Since then her one-woman campaign has given bees a voice heard in Western North Carolina and halfway across the world.

Roberts reaches out to local and international audiences alike by publishing articles, maintaining internet dialogues, offering tutorials and group workshops, and traveling extensively to share her concern for and love of these very crucial pollinators.

Debra RobertsIn the past several years, Debra has observed a dramatic trend towards women joining the ranks of beekeepers.  At the same time, she has seen an evolution in the approach to bee-keeping as a whole, one that focuses attention on the stewardship of the bees themselves more so than on the harvesting of their honey.  Debra notes a certain sacredness that is overtaking the keeping practice. She says that for her, the act of care-taking her hives is almost spiritual – and brings with it a Zen-like state of gratitude, mindfulness and peace.

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Named a 2014 “Hero of Asheville,” Roberts will soon head back to Turkey on her intercontinental teaching tour. But before leaving our shores, Roberts has some experiences to share with her hometown, Bee City.

This Saturday, September 20th, from 6:30 to 8pm, K2 is proud to host Debra’s presentation, “Following the Bee Trail: A Woman’s Wild and Wonderful Journey with Bees.”  Sponsored by area businesses, the event is free and open to the public.

K2 is on the corner of College and North Lexington. Come join us for an evening of stories told and wisdom shared with Debra Roberts, champion (and queen) of the honeybees.

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