Who Needs Bees? We Do!

k2 Studio Hosts “PolliNation” Show on June 13

Do you know how vital honeybees are to our agricultural system? They represent 80 percent of all pollinators that fertilize plants that produce our food. But unfortunately the honeybee is in danger, and we’d like to ask your help in keeping the honeybee population stable so it can support more than $20 billion in agricultural production each and every year. Without the honeybee, we have no food or flowering plants or trees!

Please join us for “PolliNation,” another show in the series from the Recovery Studio and k2 Studio.  The gala opening celebration will be held on Friday, June 13, from 6 to 9pm at k2. It will feature educational exhibits about the honeybee, works by local artists, a variety of bee products, and the launching of the Adopt-A-Hive program led by Jon Christie of Wild Mountain Bees. Each of the artworks will have pollination as its theme.

10% of all sales from the show will go to Asheville’s own Bee City USA program, a project from the Center for Honeybee Research that is the first such program in the U.S. Director Phyllis Stiles will speak about the goals of the program, which include creating sustainable habitats for pollinators. Donations are also welcome and will be vital to the mission of Bee City USA.

The show at k2 is only one in a series of shows that will celebrate Pollinator Week from June 13–21. See the schedule of events at the Bee City USA website. Our show will remain up through Saturday, November 1, so if you can’t come to the gala on June 13, you’ve got plenty of time to visit k2 and learn more about the plight of the honeybee, and most importantly, find out what you can do to help. Thank you to all of our sponsors for the evening; please see the flyer below for more details.

And please check back with us next week for some really cool facts about the honeybee. Here’s just one: during her life as a foraging insect, a honeybee gathers about 1/12 of one teaspoon of honey. Who knew how important such a minute amount of goodness could be for all of us? We appreciate your support.

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