Go Outside and Play!

Decorate Your Yard with Playful Pieces from k2 Studio

It has been a glorious spring weekend in Asheville. If you’re ready to “go outside and play”—entertain friends and family, enjoy alfresco meals, or watch a colorful sunset—we have some ideas about making your outdoors more artful.

Metallic Leaf Disks
Wouldn’t these disks add a sophisticated touch to an exterior wall or a fence? The disks have an  organic look, with delightful unexpected edges, and either color can be complemented by other pieces in your yard. Go with stainless steel accessories to give the silver disks an industrial vibe, or choose to go with gold accents for a more traditional look.

Wall Play Ornaments
How cool are these fun accessories? They can brighten up any outdoor space that needs a splash of color. These are resin creations that will can withstand the elements; mix and match them to create a sherbet-inspired palette that’s perfect for summer entertaining. We also carry these in metallic colors and they play nicely with the leaf disks, as well as the wall koi, as you’ll see below.

Ball Chain and Driftwood Garland
We’ve carried this steel ball chain (and sways, too) for quite a while now and we love it for its ability to add serious shine to any environment. Balance them with some natural driftwood garlands, as we’ve done in our entry installation, or group them together for maximum bling.

Filigree Lanterns
Enjoy the glow from these filigree lanterns when you’re enjoying evenings out of doors. A grouping of these lanterns let you take in the night without the glare of electric lights.

Wall Play Koi
If you don’t have a real water feature in your landscape, not to worry. Create your own serene “pond” with these friendly, low-maintenance koi—no feeding required! Construct a gleaming tableau with the koi and a collection of metallic wall play ornaments.

Come in to visit us and see how easy it is to add some yard art to your outdoor space. We’d love to tell you about our other ideas for taking the indoors out now that the weather is warm.

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