“Murmuration” Opening Affected by Snowstorm

Invitation-Only Opening Moved to Saturday, February 15

The wintry weather and threat of additional snowfall on Friday has led us to make some changes to the opening of “Murmuration.” The private opening will now be held on Saturday, February 15, from 6 to 9 pm. The show will be open to the public soon, for roughly a month; please contact k2 Studio for information about the date.

Despite being disappointed about having to reschedule the private opening, we’re still very excited to host the installation. “Murmuration” is the first show in a series, The Recovery Project, organized by k2 artisan Erin Hardy. As the introductory presentation segues into future installations, the subject being explored is captivity; specifically, the concept of escaping captivity. It features the work of these fine local artists:

  • Erin Hardy of The Recovery Studio
  • Ishmael
  • Myah Hubbell of Love Letter Unmentionables
  • Paperfrank
  • Erin Brittain of House Dressings
  • Peter Parpan
  • Kathryn Adams
  • Hayden Wilson
  • Tina Councell
  • Chukk Bruursema
  • Allyson McPhaul
  • Ellie Bregman
  • Barbara Read

Please visit us to see “Murmuration.”

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