Experience “Murmuration” at k2 Studio

Join Us for a Special Installation

We are looking forward to hosting “Murmuration” during the month of February. Organized by k2 artisan Erin Hardy, this show features the work of 14 area artists exploring the theme of escaping captivity. The evening will also benefit Helpmate, an organization that helps women and children free themselves from the cycle of domestic abuse by providing temporary shelter, counseling, court advocacy programs, and more.

As fitting the theme, many of the artists will be working with bird imagery, specifically the idea of escape from a cage. Erin will collaborate with artist Ishmael to produce furniture and accessories for the installation, which is planned to be the first in a series of shows known as The Recovery Project.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a murmuration is a flock of starlings. What is intriguing about a murmuration of starlings is how thousands of birds seem to move in perfect synchronization, undulating across the sky. In reality, the birds are not performing aerial ballet, but are usually trying to escape from a predator, such as a falcon or other bird of prey, so it is a defense mechanism. This beautiful video of a murmuration in Ireland became a YouTube sensation.

Please join us for “Murmuration.” We’ll have more information about the event in the coming weeks.

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