Find Your Silver Lining at k2 Studio

See Our Holiday Installation with Artwork by Ishmael

We’d like to invite you to stop by and see our latest entranceway installation. It incorporates many of the themes that we’re passionate about: repurposing, assemblage, mixed media, and supporting our local artisan community. We call it “Find Your Silver Lining.”

The serene Japanese backdrop was painted by Ishmael, featuring a black and silver landscape on the cool green “canvas” of our entryway wall. We loved watching him bring this piece to life and we’re grateful for his time and talent. Then we assembled the complementary pieces: wood veneer ornaments, blingy things of all sorts, strings of lights, and a variety of our favorite accessories like the stainless steel ball chain. We also repurposed some items from our prior installation, the Windfall, including the river birch trees. We have a secret material that we used to diffuse the light and create the actual silver lining itself…okay, we’ll tell. It’s screening! The mesh screen gave the installation the dreamy quality we were looking for.

We have several mini-installations set up throughout the store, too: please come by to see them for yourself. Remember that we have a great selection of gifts, and if you’ve resolved to recreate your living space next year, we’re happy to discuss your redecorating plans with you.



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