Uncommon Storage for Uncommon Treasures

Imagine the Possibilities at k2 Studio

We like to think a little differently when we curate items for the Studio. We also encourage our clientele to do the same—that’s what makes a home personal and true. For example, we often envision what a piece can be, instead of what it is.

For example, would you consider hanging a vintage valise or two for extra shelving? Well why not? The two pieces you see above likely have great stories to tell, because who knows where they have been and what adventures their original owners may have had. A mismatched grouping of well-traveled suitcases has great personality and is the perfect canvas for a selection of beautiful old books, precious found objects, sparking bijoux, or most anything else you fancy.

You can also use an old trunk or suitcase for storage in other ways, too. This fine old piece has beautiful lining, so we decided to leave it open and use it to display art. Imagine quilts, throws, or pillows spilling out of a vintage trunk, or art supplies and toys for the little ones stashed inside a set of valises.

If you have a specific need for storage, or just love a vintage look but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your decor, please come visit. We’re happy to show you many different options for decorating with repurposed pieces that have style and personality.

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