Pets and Upholstery: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Why Fabric Upholstery and Animals CAN Be a Match Made in Heaven

Our clients love their pets. When they’re shopping for furniture, they often think that they should consider nothing but leather for their sofas or chairs, because they believe it to be easier to clean and more durable than fabric upholstery. They’re usually surprised to learn than fabric is also a great option, and can in fact offer them more variety for color and texture. We think it’s a fantastic choice for a couple of important reasons.

 1. Easy to Clean

So why is fabric upholstery compatible with pets? The fabrics we offer from the Younger line of upholstered furniture are actually quite simple to clean. Each fabric has a designated “Cleaning and Wearability Code,” so it’s very easy to pick out a fabric that can handle the random mishap. We’re glad to help steer you toward a fabric that’s easy to clean as well as durable, especially if you have active pets that are likely to be jumping up to snuggle with you on the sofa. Depending on the fabric, cleaning can be done with a shampoo, a foam cleaner, or a dry cleaning solvent. Simple!

2. Stylish and Comfortable

Here’s another reason we like to suggest fabric upholstery for our animal-loving clientele: while leather can look sleek and modern, it’s not always as comfortable as fabric. A well-chosen fabric can be truly cozy and stylish to boot—we have a wide range of fabric choices to suit almost any taste. Younger offers more than 300 options for their furniture, most of them fabric. Here are just a few:

Come visit the Studio so we can tell you more about the advantages of choosing fabric upholstery—whether you have pets or not. Feel free to browse through our fabric swatches and borrow a sample if you’d like your pet to approve of your choice!

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