10 Great Local Gifts for Holiday Giving

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Are you busy shopping for the holidays? Buying local creates an endless loop of good vibes—we can source products here at home and help artisans make a living doing what they love to do. We have a great selection of handmade items for gift giving, some of which use repurposed materials in fun, imaginative ways; others are functional and timeless, things to use day in and day out. Best of all? They’re affordable! Here are some offerings from local creatives that anyone on your list would love.

Gifts $50 or Less

You don’t have to spend a bundle to purchase a memorable gift for a friend or loved one. Check these out:

Found object jewelry is perfect for someone who loves vintage.

Locally made lotion candles are one of our most popular holiday items.

Don’t you love these wallets made from designer duck tape? We do.

These fun pieces of pottery are so affordably priced you can buy two!

Cool pots and candleholders like these can complement any decor.

Paper flowers are maintenance free! They would make lovely decorations, too.

Repurposed upholstery, flour and feed sacks are used in these clever purses.

How fun are these vintage-inspired pieces? Bring a little whimsy to your next cup of tea or bowl of soup.

Gifts for a More Generous Budget

We’d like to share two more special items with you from local artisans that we just love; each is a little pricier than the other gifts we’ve shown but both are sure to impress.

Porcelain and glass are happily married in these unique pieces of stemware.

Portable bourbon and tequila bars are perfect for the guy who has (almost) everything.

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