Find Your Object

Search for Special Somethings at k2 Studio

Did you collect things when you were a child? Perhaps you still collect things now—beautiful stones, interesting twigs, old bottles, intriguing shells. It doesn’t matter whether these things are actually precious or not, because it’s all about the feeling they invoke. During the past decade, it became hip to call such things “found objects.”

We like to use fascinating found objects, whether natural or man-made, to add fun and fancy to the tableaux we create at k2. You’ll see them scattered throughout the Studio; things like worn letters from vintage signs, branches with fluffy cotton bolls, a collection of antlers, a rusty scale, shavings of river birch bark, piles of old books with gleaming type, and apothecary jars with a hint of a tattered label. In the large photo above, we’ve used antlers to accent our new Ladder collection of transitional furniture.

The next time you instinctively reach for a feather in the woods or are attracted to a patinaed watering can, indulge yourself. Part of the attraction to an object is in the finding of it! We understand that sometimes the smallest, simplest object can be the most important touch in your room, and using found objects is sustainable decorating at its best.

At k2 we have special things both small and large, and it’s not too early to begin thinking about how to decorate your table for holiday entertaining—we can supply both the table and the embellishment! If you like to spend time searching for perfect “things,” we invite you to spend a lazy afternoon browsing our carefully curated collection of objects.  You may find just what you’re looking for!

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