5 Timeless Tips for Decorating

Revisiting Our First Year of Blogging

Happy Anniversary to us! We’ve been blogging for a year now at k2 Studio, sharing our ideas about how to make a mere house a cherished home, a place of respite and comfort full of delightful and unexpected treasures. We’d like to revisit some of our favorite tips from the past year, because while trends come and go, beauty and function are timeless.

1. Don’t be afraid of color. We’re all about expressing your personal style, so read about how a little color can go a long way toward giving your home more pizzazz.

2. Keep holiday decorating simple. While we all love to dress up our homes for the holidays, you don’t have to have elaborate and time-consuming displays.

3. Combine styles at will. We’re firm believers in mixing and matching pieces so your living space is vibrant and engaging, with furnishings and accessories that express your creativity.

4. Repurpose the past. Vintage pieces tell a story—about the maker, about the time, and about its original place.

5. Use your imagination. If you can’t find a stock item to suit your needs, engage a local artisan to help create it for you.

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