Why We “Love Asheville”

Love Asheville Go Local Card Benefits Asheville City Schools & Asheville Grown Business Alliance

Surely you’ve seen the decals, bumper stickers, and posters all over Asheville supporting the Love Asheville Go Local movement—they’re everywhere! We’re proud to be part of this initiative to support the Asheville City Schools, the Asheville City Schools Foundation, and the Asheville Grown Business Alliance. The goal of supporting the local economy is perfectly in sync with our mission to source unique, sustainable goods from area artisans.

The program is beautifully simple: The Go Local loyalty card offers discounts from the participating businesses, all of which are independent companies from Asheville or Buncombe County. The Go Local card is crazy-popular; in 2012 there were 120 participating businesses, but this year there were almost three times that amount! The partnership between the Asheville City Schools Foundation and the Asheville Grown Business Alliance is a win-win proposition, with funds going toward the classrooms with the highest needs as well as promoting the growth of a vibrant, diverse local economy.

The cards are valid through the calendar year, but guess what? If you don’t have a card yet, you can still purchase one at a discounted price; visit the Asheville City Schools Foundation site to find more details. We have a fabulous offer with the Go Local program – 10% off of any custom sofa. In case you missed our big sale in July, whip out your Love Asheville Go Local card to take advantage of these savings.

At k2 Studio, we take pride in presenting a curated collection of quality furniture and local wares and we source our goods as close to home as possible; our Younger furniture is made in North Carolina, and our new Ladder Collection is manufactured right here in Asheville. We work with Asheville-based artisans like Billy Sproul, who fabricates sleek custom pieces from steel, concrete, and the occasional found object.

Come by for a visit and let us tell you how much we “love Asheville”!

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