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Sideboard Stereo Cabinet

Turn Your Sideboard Into an Entertainment Center

Last week’s blog discussed the versatility of the recycled teak storage pieces that we carry. We mentioned that our clients often repurpose the pieces to serve whatever use they envision. Here’s how one client turned her sideboard into a stereo cabinet for her vintage equipment—of course this idea works just as well if you want to stash your video equipment inside and place the flat screen on top, too.

All you need is a tape measure, a drill with a wide spade bit, some imagination, and a little bit of courage to drill through your beautiful piece of new furniture.

1. If you’ve never used a wide spade bit before, drill some practice holes until you feel confident using the tool. Try to find a piece of wood that approximates the depth of the shelving in the sideboard. Use a bit that’s wide enough to allow the cables and power cords to pass through; be sure to consider how wide the plugs are on the power cords so the holes will accommodate them easily.

2. Take careful measurements of the various cables so you can drill as few holes as necessary. Physically place the components inside the sideboard to be sure that all the cables can make the connections they need to make. This client drilled 4 different holes; 3 inside the sideboard itself so the cables could all get to the amplifier, and 1 hole out the back of the sideboard for the power cord and the speaker cables.

3. After the holes are drilled, make all the necessary connections. It’s easiest to start by feeding through power cords with plugs and then feed the thinner cables through the holes.

That’s how easy it is! We would love to share some of the other ways these recycled pieces can be retrofitted for your home—come by for a visit soon.

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