Last Weekend for Our Sale! And Last Bele Chere Festival…

Final Days of Our Sale & Final Festival Weekend

You still have a few days left to take advantage of our sale on Younger Furniture. We’re offering 15% off the line of upholstered furniture—our first-ever sale on this durable, affordable furniture made right here in North Carolina.

You can select the features you want in the furniture—base, back, and arm options, for example—so you can truly customize the pieces so they complement your environment and existing décor. There are over 300 fabrics to choose from, so the look can range from classic to mid-century modern to contemporary; here are just a few examples of the fabrics we have available. The sale is over July 31, so come in soon so we can tell you more about the Younger line of upholstered furniture.

On a completely different note, this weekend marks the very last Bele Chere music and arts festival in Asheville—at least in its current state as being a city-sponsored event. From our vantage point right in the heart of Asheville, we’ve seen the festival evolve through the years. Bele Chere began in 1979 as a way to revitalize the city’s business district, which at that time was a very different place than the vibrant, happenin’ downtown we all enjoy today.

One of the most popular events of the 3-day street party is the Purina Ultimate Air Dogs competition; the landing tank is set up right across the street from k2 Studio—you can see the Kress building façade in this video. Our showroom is in the lower right corner of the building from this vantage point.

While the city of Asheville won’t be funding the festival, there is talk in the community of continuing the event in a different format, with different sponsors. We tend to believe that change is good, so we look forward to seeing what might be next for Bele Chere.

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