The Windfall

Learn About Our Newest Organic Installation

We change our entryway displays several times a year at k2. Our current installation brings together several ideas that we are passionate about: sustainability, repurposing, and of course, creativity.

An intense windstorm earlier this year downed many trees throughout the Asheville area. Rather than lamenting the loss of these river birch trees, we decided to take what nature had given us and use the trunks as the basis of our installation. We sanded them down randomly and hung them securely using aircraft cables, which is special galvanized wire designed to handle heavy loads. (Note that you can catch a glimpse of our Beer-Delier in the photo below.)

To complement the birch trunks that are still able to swing and sway with the breeze just as when they were living, we added our stainless steel ball chain. It is designed for outdoor use—to attract wildlife and create visual interest in the landscape—and is the perfect foil for the birches because it too moves organically with the elements.  While we also offer stainless steel ball sways that stake into the ground, the hanging chain best suited our vision for the display.

Finally, we couldn’t resist adding a little bling. Even though we loved the two basic elements, we felt the Windfall lacked some dimensionality, so we experimented with mirrors to give the display more depth. Perfect! The silver candelabra and the mid-century mod lighting fixtures scattered throughout completed the installation.

Visit us soon to see the Windfall before inspiration (or Mother Nature) strikes again.

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