Come See Our Beer-Delier!

K2 Studio Installs One-Of-A-Kind Fixture for Asheville’s Beer Week, May 25–June 1

Asheville is a very beer-friendly town, to say the least. We were happy to help celebrate Beer Week in early June by installing our homage to Asheville’s craft brewing heritage—the one and only Beer-Delier.

The Beer-Delier is our riff on the classic chandelier, but instead of crystals it’s decorated with bottles from our local breweries. We began work on the Beer-Delier in March by talking with folks from the Asheville Brewing Company, Green Man Brewery, Highland Brewing Company, Lexington Avenue Brewery, Pisgah Brewing Company, and Wicked Weed Brewing. Each brewery donated bottles for our window display and for the Beer-Delier—it features a number of retired or one-off seasonal brews.

Green Man gave us some of the first bottles they produced in 6-packs, because their brew has previously been available only on tap or in growlers. We’re grateful for the cooperation we received from each brewery.

The Beer-Delier features over five dozen bottles representing a broad spectrum of the beers produced in Asheville. Whether you like lager, ale, IPA, porter, or stout, you’ll find your favorite local brew represented on the Beer-Delier.

You may be familiar with our philosophy of supporting local artisans who operate in a sustainable way. The craft brewing business is a vital part of the economy in Asheville, and many of them have conscious business models that promote sustainability and support local suppliers. For example, the labels you see on Highland’s bottles are manufactured only 10 minutes away from the brewery, and their high-efficiency, low emissions boiler exceeds regulated emissions levels.

Several people have asked us if Beer-Delier is for sale. We have something better in mind: we’re planning to auction it off and donate the proceeds to one of our favorite local charities. We’re still working on the plans, but we’ll share the details as soon as we can.

In the meantime, the Beer-Delier hangs in our front window at K2 Studio, at the corner of College and Lexington streets. Come by and look for your favorite brew!

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