Belly Up to the Bar

Plan Your Bar Area Wisely

Occasionally we like to break the decorating rules at k2, because we believe in following your muse when it comes to creating your personal living space. Why can’t you use gold and silver accessories together? Who says all the furniture has to be on the rug?

But there are some standards that exist for good reason. One has to do with the proper height of a bar and its seating. It’s all about ergonomics: there should be roughly 12 inches between the stool and the bar (or counter) to sit comfortably. The average bar is between 40 and 42 inches high, so a 30-inch stool is fairly standard. A 42-inch bar is considered optimum for both sitting and standing.

If you’re designing a new home or planning a renovation and want to include a bar or counter area with seating, be sure to discuss it with your architect. For instance, what if you have a family full of tall folks? An extra-tall bar can range from 44 to 47 inches, with an adjusted stool height of 33 to 36 inches. Take a thoughtful approach during the design phase to be sure the final product suits your needs.

Bars are great places to gather, whether indoors or out. We love the DIY spirit of this backyard bar, and we really appreciate that the materials here are all repurposed crates.

If you’re having trouble finding stools to fit an existing bar or counter in your home, please come see us. We provide custom furniture and design services, and we would be happy to help you find bar seating that really works for your home.

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