Adding Texture to your Home

Use of Texture Adds Style & Depth

Adding texture can be as simple as using different materials together, which we’re all about at k2. We love combining fabric, wood, and concrete or even designing custom furniture out of metal and glass.

When you combine a lot of texture, like this room’s patterned shag carpet with the wooden bench and leather poufs – make sure you have something that ties the look together. It’s as simple as keeping the same geometric angling throughout the space (note the bookshelves, sectional sofa, and bench all mimic the same modern right angles).

Exposed brick is a great way to achieve a highly textured room without adding much. The leather and hide rug add something extra.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a home with exposed brick, you can create a similar look with plaster over drywall or concrete, stealing the style of a warehouse or studio. Adding touches of leather, metal, or fur amp the look into overdrive.

Knits and vintage lace like the poufs and rug used in this room pair well with wood walls or floors. Other textiles and fabrics like linen and velvet help soften and warm any space that may seem harsh or cold.

We can’t get enough of the hide rug! It creates a bohemian ambiance and provides a great place to sit when you’re saving up to add furniture to your sitting room. This person used pallets on castors covered in their rugs for an inspiring twist on floor seating.

The bold addition of this cool tribal patterned wallpaper makes this room look trendy in one step. The amazing wood panelled ceiling and live edge bench complement the exotic wallpaper perfectly.

Adding texture doesn’t have to mean adding more stuff! You can achieve a minimalist look by just adding something simple like a different fabric to your favorite piece of furniture. This chaise in the velvet makes me long to lie on it… The studio recently added birches to our entranceway, providing texture and depth with our mirror trick. For more ideas, come visit and chat with us.

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