DIY – Upcycled Windows, Shutters, & Doors…

k2 Studio’s DIY Tips for Upcycling Windows & More…

At k2 Studio, we have repurposed the original Kress window fixtures from 1925 as space dividers all around the shop. We are constantly inspired by the architecture of buildings great and small, and there are many opportunities to upcycle shutters, doors, and windows in innovative ways.

Whether you are replacing fixtures in your house, found some old barn windows, or bought vintage shutters at the antique store – these pieces are perfect for displaying art. Take signs, drawings, or clippings and set them in each frame of the window for a unique way to show a series of images.

Shutters are great for dividing a large room into two spaces or for filling an empty wall. This image shows shutters utilized to turn a cupboard into a closet. Painting the shutters can accent a room, while adding creative character.

If your home has an alcove, you can use an old door to separate the space into a cozy den or frame the lower level or a loft with an archway. Here, window panes have been replaced with mirrored glass, reflecting a bedroom created with many reclaimed wood pieces.

Finally, replacing a pane of glass with cork or chalk board makes a simple and chic area for notes in your kitchen or office.

Revisit our blog Sunday for a highlight on local Asheville artist Joe Redford Jr.

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