DIY Treat: Upcycled Shelving

How To: Upcycled Shelves

Hey y’all. This is Lorna from the k2 crew, and I used this Pinterest idea to fix my own shelving problem! These are the Do-It-Yourself steps I used to complete my own upcycled shelf:

Step #1: In the picture, they used a filing folder turned on its side as a shelving unit for the corner of a wall. My problem is, my power strip is on the wall to allow for a lamp to hang from the ceiling. When I charge my phone at night, it’s a stretch to my bedside table. A small shelf for my cellphone, maybe a glass of water, is what I really need right within my reach. I went to the thrift store with my friend and saw this wooden napkin holder, which I picked up for fifty cents. I thought it would work perfectly for the job.

Step #2: I got together my materials which included: a power drill, drill bits, 2 screws, a ruler (or preferably a level), and a screwdriver.

Step #3: I used a drill bit slightly smaller than my screw to drill starter holes through the back of my napkin holder.

Step #4: Before drilling the second hole, I used my ruler (use a level if you have one) to make sure the drill holes were aligned. The lines on the side of the block helped me keep the drilling centered.

Step #5: Since the space inside the “shelf” was relatively small, given that I chose to use a napkin holder, I secured the screws in place before I approached my wall.

Step #6: The power drill was too big to work well, so I ended up power-drilling starter holes into my wall, lining the holes up evenly with my ruler. I secured the screws through the napkin holder into the lined up holes on the wall with my screwdriver. Et voila – shelving for my cell phone. Later I’m going to get some wood glue and apply a cut piece of wood to give me a flat surface for one of my kilim coasters and a bedside beverage.

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