DIY Treat – Upcycled Illumination

k2 studio offers DIY ideas to design your own upcycled lighting

Do you have a lack of illumination? The desire to breathe new life into an old boring lamp? A bunch of old china, jars, or bottles you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you just have too much time on your hands? Have no fear, the k2 crew has another DIY project for you!

Even a novice seamstress can piece together scraps of cute fabric on an old shade. Instant upgrade!

This person made their own lamp covering with various rulers. You can steal their novel idea, or make it your own with reclaimed wood. We can’t get enough!

You’ll really be in the limelight with a DIY chandelier made with the Malbec bottles you’ve consumed over the past winter. We call it “winelight!”

These fixtures are perfect for screwing old mason jars right into — Very southern, very mountain chic…

If you have a glass cutter and a lot of old china lying around, you can drill and wire your own tea lights with a twist!

k2 studio offers an array of crystals for the low price of $8! Stop by and grab some to string up to an old chandelier. Make it sparkle with some leftover Mardi Gras bling and these beautiful cut-glass pieces to reflect the light.

This one is really special, and vintage birdcages are easier to come by than you’d expect. Stop by k2, where we always have a few! Then you can make a caged light, creating shadow play on your walls.

Like always, if you want to share a design idea with us, please send the ladies at k2 your pictures, comments, or questions. Connect with us on facebook or email us!

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