Mountain Chic:

Highlight on Local Craftsmanship

An Introduction & Brief History

Due to the establishment of the railroad along the Blue Ridge Mountains between 1880 and 1900, the population of Asheville rose from about 500 people to upwards of 10,000. The Asheville Art Museum was located on Charlotte Street from 1949 until 1965. Incorporated in 1952, the Asheville Area Arts Council represents one of the oldest councils for the arts in the United States. The opening of Warehouse Studio in 1987 began the development of an area where artists in the community could rent or buy workspace. This part of town is now known as the River Arts District, or RAD. The Kress Emporium and other showcases of local art and craftsmanship such as Blue Spiral Gallery and the Woolworth Walk sprouted up with the revival of downtown Asheville in the mid-ninties. In 1997, k2 Studio opened its doors.

Recently, the AAAC opened the Artery in the River Arts District, which showcases many of western North Carolina’s finest artists. The art community in Asheville continues to nourish its members with studio space, selling space, and support individually and holistically.

In this new year, k2 Studio will be bringing you highlights on local craftsmanship – including our favorite stories and new local pieces we have in the showroom. Be sure to check back Sunday, when we’ll begin with a blog on a new table from a local wood-worker. The gorgeous live-edge will leave you breathless!

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