Interior Design Trends for 2013

2013 trends are surfacing everywhere I look. This year is all about drama – from transparency to geometric patterns, mixing and matching seems to be the way to go. Here’s a breakdown of the styles I’ve been seeing – you can achieve these looks in your own home with ease.

Dramatic Mix & Match Style for 2013 Interiors

1. Lighting

Transparency is really big this year. Glass panels or modern shades make lighting fun. Changing your current lampshade is a quick and easy solution for an upgrade.

Moroccan style has been big with the rise of Bohemian fashion and design during the past several years, but the invasion has reached new heights. A lantern can give any room an exotic feel.

Channeling glitz & glamour can make your space look more 2013. Just add drama… Reflective or metallic surfaces convey texture, like these lamps (mixed & matched!) made of Swarovski crystals.

2. Pattern

Graphic design in the new year is taking a modern approach to tribal patterns. Rugs, wallpaper, and entire rooms are being dedicated to the mis-matching of patterns.

Geometric patterns make great studies for mixing and matching. Make sure your color scheme is congruent, (but as bold as you would like) and you can’t fail!

3. Texture

Knits make a glorious come-back. A gorgeous addition to any space.

Metal & Wood mix & match can be achieved by using repurposed wooden planks, (again, different woods together are very trendy) and pairing with metals. Brass and steel are the most popular this season.

4. DIY / Crafting / Upcycling

Personalized touches like these ever-popular photo slide lampshades can be made at home. DIY projects and the new phenomena of upcycling have grown more trendy in the past year, and will become even bigger as the year progresses.

Graphic prints, which you can have made at any print shop, make fabric more fun while adding individuality to your space.

5. Color

Emerald green is the color of the year, but you can rest assured using color in general is big this season. Primary & neon hues make any space exciting. Pair emerald with white for a clean look, or use contrasting shades opposite on the color wheel (such as green and orange) for a statement. I personally prefer analogous colors together, such as deep plums and steely lavenders.

6. Overall Looks

Industrial interiors show contemporary class for your home, office, or business.

Like the industrial look, the naturalist look allows for minimalistic and functional design. By taking on this trendy approach, you are being doubly in vogue – Sustainable living is just smart!

The industrial look is great when paired with a naturalistic feel. Once again, this wood & metal-mix & match is an up and coming design “Do.”

Eastern influence, like this Marrakesh-inspired space, allows you to achieve the exotic and the comfortable simultaneously.

Finally, modern graphics are great for more than just finishing touches. An entire room can feel contemporary by using different but complimentary patterns and designs.

Let us know what 2013 interior design trends most inspire you or share something you’ve noticed that we may have overlooked! Connect with us on facebook, pinterest, or just leave a message here.

Stay tuned to this blog. Tomorrow I’ll bring you more information on the mixing & matching of industrial with natural design. Later this week, the studio will present a special treat – a guest blog from our friends at Arcadian Home.

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