Industrial Meets Natural

Two Trendy Interior Fashions Combine to Expand your Space into Modernity

At k2 Studio, we love combining more than one look to create a space catered to our clients’ individual styles and needs. We also feel strongly about going green and creating a sustainable and functional lifestyle. Lucky for us, these ideas are not only practical for the earth and its residents, but combining the natural with the very clean and functional industrial is all the rage in 2013.

The studio carries a variety of reclaimed wood tables and sideboards of different sizes, colors, and finishes. Though we love the feel of a mountain lodge, we understand our clients may want to give their space contemporary touches. Adding one of our locally designed iron and concrete pieces, which can be custom-made to your space, might be the right option for you to mix & match natural flow with a more hip, industrial vibe. Wall and floor panelling in a modge-podge of different reclaimed woods is becoming ever-popular, but you don’t have to refurbish your home completely to achieve this look.

Industrial interiors can be as clean or convoluted as you’d like. Wood mixed with metals such as iron, steel, or brass create wonderful texture, combining the strong lines of the metal with the soft appearance achieved from bringing the outdoors in. It’s also a great solution if you have too much or too little space. Industrial pieces look great on their own, or juxtaposed with a few small items. Your wall space can be what ties everything together – simple modern black frames with vintage images or your personal pictures make the melding of styles complete.

If your office lacks personality, or you are trying to come up with the perfect furnishings for a commercial business such as a restaurant, industrial meets natural is a la mode, and could help your business become the next big thing in town. One of Asheville’s newest bars – The Imperial Life – is a perfect example of how trendy interiors can aid in a restaurant success story.

Come by the studio and talk with us for more ideas about how to transform your space into whatever your vision may be…

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