DIY- Eclectic Ideas for Wall Space

Wall Space DIY

Do you have art or other inspiration you’ve been meaning to hang in your office, studio space, or bedroom? Maybe you have too much to hang in a conventional manner? Do you need help organizing your desk or an easier way to make your notes and reminders available to you? We have a fun, thrifty, and simple solution!
Why not transform your wall space? There are several ways you can go about your excited room make-over:


I’ve been using corkboard in my bedroom or studio for years. You can buy small squares or large sheets at practically any home store. Use double-sided wall mounting tape or a staple gun to apply your corkboard to the wall, et voila! Your sticky notes and grocery lists don’t have to get lost on your desk any longer. I use mine for writing notes, postcards, bills, and images and photography that I’ve acquired from various sources that inspire me.

Upcycling Frames

Perhaps you have a collection of postcards or photos you would like to display in a unique manner. You can find beautiful old frames of varying expense at any Goodwill, antique store, or thrift store. Don’t like the color? Paint it! Once you’ve got the look you want, simply hang your frame, then mount your pictures on the negative space on the wall behind. If you don’t want all that tape or sticky tack on your wall, fasten some rows of string to the inside of the frame and hang your images with paperclips or safety pins.

Chalkboard Reminders

This is a great idea for your office or kitchen. If your paper trail is getting steep, and you can’t even find your way to that important scrap of paper with the breadcrumbs you left to lead yourself back, why not buy chalkboard to cover your walls? Chalkboard paint is an easy solution if you don’t want something quite as permanent. Either mount chalkboard to an entire wall with wood glue, or apply several layers of chalkboard paint and write away. You never lose a grocery list that’s on your wall, and if your family has trouble telling you what they need from the store, this is a great fix! The only problem is you can’t take it with you on your errands…

Fabric Wall-hang

This wall space solution is a little craftier, but perhaps the most enjoyable. Find old scraps of fabric and cover anything – cotton fill, cardboard, etc. You can sew squares or any shapes together, or just use your handy staple gun to achieve this look. Just make sure if you want a uniform look that you measure the fabric and cardboard or other material. Once you’ve made the right amount of fabric wall-hangs for your space, adhere them to your wall, (I’d use normal frame mounts and nails) and add your art with pretty pins or tacks!

We hope one of these ideas will help if you have been trying to think of a creative way to use your wall space. Check back with the studio blog this weekend for another highlight on a local Asheville artist – our amazing upholsterer!

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