When Greener Pastures Can’t be Found….

Make Them!

At k2, we believe in creating your own world within your home, office, or outdoor spaces. That’s why this year we brought live greenery inside our doors to decorate for the holidays. We’re not talking a simple wreath made out of evergreen – we had a friend of ours who has her own local floral shop assist us in our interior make-over! Cedar, moss, twigs, Spanish moss, and other plant-life helped us transform our winter wonderland into a world of life, while still channeling that wintery seasonal feel. If you still like to enjoy your porch or patio, an outdoor-use heater and some sprigs and branches will do the trick! You can do it yourself easily, and as always – affordably. The glory of bringing coniferous branches to your aid is your continuance of the spirit of repurposing and upcycling! A well-organized combination of moss, pine cones, and leafy branches can effectively form a luscious centerpiece for your table, or an elegant over-head arch for your entryway. There’s no end to the atmosphere you can capture in your own home and garden – even during the season when nothing’s growing!

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