k2’s Gift to You, In the Spirit of the Holidays

We are going to do 6 days of seasonal giving… starting with a DIY treat!

Stay connected over the holidays to the studio’s blog, and discover fun surprises for the new year. We want to challenge our readers and ourselves to a 2013 of innovative DIY and upcycling projects.

I am traveling on a plane to see loved ones this Christmas, and didn’t want to go through the extra expense for checked luggage. I have a duffle bag of clothes and presents, but I need to bring my laptop. My computer bag is quite large, and I don’t own a thin case to protect my laptop. This year, I have no excess money to spend on myself, however practical the purpose. What I do have is a bunch of discontinued fabrics from the Younger sofa line at the studio. I decided, even though I am not an excellent seamstress, it would be simple enough to make something to provide my macbook with a little protection on the flight.

DIY Computer / Tablet / Phone Protective Case

1. embroidery needles
2. hemp cord or embroidery floss
3. scraps of leather or upholstery grade fabric
4. scissors
5. measuring tape or ruler

easy steps!
1. Measure your device.
2. Measure and cut your fabric accordingly. The process is easiest with two large rectangles of fabric, but you can be as creative in your quilting as you like (you could even create a fabric collage).
3. Pin your fabric together, so to provide your computer, tablet, or cellphone with a snug sleeve.
4. Thread your choice of hemp cord, embroidery floss… leather, suede, or whatever you choose. Start stitching! You don’t need to be an expert at sewing (I’m not, as you can see). I did an abstract stitch on one side, and a simple stitch on the other. My personal choice was hemp cord, because it was something I had in my home, and I thought it might be a little more secure than embroidery floss.

That’s pretty much it! I decided to only stitch mine on 2 sides, but if you want to complete the stitching on the third side to create a fabric envelope, you could even add a flap with a button or zipper at the top. Ultimately, I had fun doing this project, used things that would have otherwise gone to waste, and saved myself the expense and headache of shopping for a computer case. Now I can’t wait to show it off.

k2 is looking forward to the new year. Let’s get crafty together!

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