Seeing “Useless” Things with New Perspective

“I feel passionately about taking things that already exist and bringing out the beauty they possess.” – Kim Hubbard
k2 studio has a vision, and I’m sure if you’ve been following this blog or our facebook, by now you’ve noticed a theme. We value the possibilities of the ordinary, and reinventing it to create something extraordinary. We want to prove to you that it’s easy to do it yourself, and with a little help, you can turn your space into whatever you envision. Using pinterest or collaborating with others can help you generate ideas on how to recycle items that you already have to make something you need. If you are tired of your usual holiday decor, you may want to make some new decorations this year, like this wreath made out of silver trays. Thrifting may be trendy, but it’s often an inexpensive avenue for acquiring materials to begin new projects. Say you find a short bookshelf you really love, but what you really need are some end tables… Why not wrap the shelving around your couch and have both? Come by k2 and talk to us about our ideas. We love tying it all together. Get inspired, and get crafty!

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