Pinterest – Social Platforms Surpass Connection

I’m positive by now you’ve heard of Pinterest… with over 12 million users, Pinterest has sky-rocketed as the newest and possibly most beloved social networking site. Join and create virtual bulletin boards, “re-pinning” images you like from other users. Make separate boards for particular interests. Pinterest is valuable for much more than making connections as you do on facebook or twitter; it is a tool you can utilize to collect ideas and inspiration for all avenues of your life. So why, you might ask, am I filling you in about Pinterest on an interior design blog? Not only can you discover excellent DIY ideas for your home and exciting new crafty ways to up-cycle reusable materials, you can also follow the ladies at k2 studio. We want to take our obsessive attachment to finding new (or rediscovering old) beautiful things, and surpass sharing… Connect with us on Pinterest, and let us give you design advice specifically catered to you – by interacting with you and viewing your pins, we can understand your home-concept, your style, and your aesthetic. Click on the red logo above, and join the k2 crew on Pinterest. We’re warning you, it’s addictive!

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