Pops of Color are Nothing to Fear!

Since the color of the year at market was Tango Tangerine, we thought your next studio sass should be our warning label on color. – There is no warning label for color! Do not be alarmed, but a vibrant crimson hue can do wonders in an otherwise white dining room, and as shown, a touch of tangerine can accent any natural decor. If you have too much light, try a cool shade of olive or plum, perhaps in the form of window dressings or a rug. Need to brighten up a room? Canary yellow pigment can look almost gold, and I’ve always wanted to paint my molding to add an element of shimmer. My office at home has a coral accent wall, decorated with art that inspires me. The coral really brings out all the brighter shades in some of the darker images. Not to mention this warm hue makes the place feel different in winter. Scared to go bold? Don’t be… Start with a small touch of color, and see if you don’t smile every time you see it! A little bit goes a long way and can bring new perspective to familiar rooms.

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